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May 2013

MMA's most Dangerous Women

 by pad-up on 31 May 2013 |
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The Five Most Dangerous Women in MMA Venum MMA Fight Shorts | MMA Grappling Gloves | MMA Head Guards | MMA Ear Guards There are several strong and powerful female MMA fighters with impressive records and skills. MMA is a sport that gives women eq...

WTF Taekwondo: Sparring Kit Required

 by pad-up on 24 May 2013 |
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Kit Required for WTF Taekwondo Taekwondo is becoming an increasingly popular activity, and is privileged to be the only martial art that is an Olympic sport. It is ideal for building and sustaining a fantastic level of fitness, improving confiden...

MMA Knockouts

 by pad-up on 17 May 2013 |
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Six MMA Knockouts worth Watching Again and Again MMA fighters are loved for their implausible power and penchant to turn their rivals' lights out with a strike. This is why knockouts and heavyweights are synonymous with each another. A great numb...

UFC MMA Fighter Hall of Fame

 by pad-up on 10 May 2013 |
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Two Non Fighters Who Deserve a Spot at the UFC Hall of Fame Being in the Hall Of Fame is a big achievement for every sportsperson. UFC has its own that includes big names like Ken Shamrock, Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz. The company has mostly shied...

MMA Controversies

 by pad-up on 01 May 2013 |
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Controversies in MMA they Wish Had Not Occurred Like any other sport, MMA has its share of controversies. The sport that is often criticized for the violence involved in it has seen several controversial decisions and happenings, some of which ar... is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company