Light Contact gloves should be 10oz (283 grams) approved by the WAKO board with weight clearly labelled.

Gloves  should comprise of foam rubber, synthetic, compact and soft material which is covered with genuine or artificial leather. Gloves should allow for a complete clenched fist whilst keeping his thumb in direct contact with other fingers.  Thumbs should be connected by a small strip to the rest of the glove thus preventing thumb injuries and 'thumbing'' the opponent in the eyes etc. The foam rubber must cover both front and upper part of fist, edge of palm and upper thumb. A minimum of 5cm above the wrist should be covered.

Boxing Gloves for Full & Light Contact
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Adidas ClimaCool Training Boxing Gloves
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ROOKIE Boxing Gloves - Adidas
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Rookie Boxing Gloves - Adidas
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RESPONSE Boxing Gloves - Adidas
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SHADOW Boxing Gloves 'ClimaCool'
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Pro Boxing Gloves - Adidas
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