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Fitness training is paramount for martial artists. Pad-up! Offer a free range of fitness calculators and tools to facilitate your martial arts training. The following suite of tools and information guides may be used as a metric to gauge the effectiveness of your training regime. Tools are also provided to help you select your most suitable martial arts discipline.

Body Mass Index for Martial Artists

Muscle tone is often important to martial artists especially when conditioning for a competition. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of fat based on both your height and weight.

BMI Ranges

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight = 25-29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30

The following tool will calculate your Body Mass Index BMI Calculator Body Mass Index. For more information regarding BMI see the information page offered by the NHS.

The Ideal Weight for the Martial Artist

One of your performance metrics might be to hit your ideal weight. There are many ways to measure your ideal weight. Dr PP Broca introduced the "Broca formula" in 1871. This formula influenced the "Met Tables" in 1943 which were used until 1970. BJ Devine's formula was introduced in 1974 and is used on many web pages today! In 1983 Dr JD Robinson introduced the "Robinson formula". The popular Devine formula is not without its problems. While it works very well for men it suggests a far too lean weight for women generally, the problems are particularly inherent with shorter women. It is for this reason Pad-Up! have employed the Devine formula for Men and the Robinson formula for Women. The following tool will suggest your Ideal Body Weight for Martial Artists ideal body weight.


Martial Art Selector Tool

Now that you've assessed your current state, future objectives and performance metrics which is the best route to achieve optimum results and fulfullment?

Pad-Up! Have devised a tool to help you select a martial art that best suits your needs. Our Martial Art Selector Tool Martial Art Selector Tool Will ascertain the attributes you would like to be inherent in your ideal martial art and provide you with a "match score". Hyperlinks to information pertaining to your best suited martial art(s) are provided. Analyse the kwowledgebase of information to ensure your decision is a well informed one.

Martial Arts and Weight loss

If your main goal is to loose weight the amount of calories burned by a particular discipline will be of interest to you. The Martial Arts and Weight Loss Martial Arts Calorie Burn Calculator following tool will estimate the amount of calories burned during your workout.

Martial Arts Fitness Training

Calorie Burn Calculator for Running/Walking

Most martial artists complement their syllabus training with simple aerobic workouts such as walking and running. In which case you can calculate calories burned while running or walking with our Martial Arts Training Exercise Calculator Calories Burned Running/Walking calculator.

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