Wavemaster Punch Bags

Which Punch Bag?

The Century Wavemaster Punch bag range are the world leaders in free standing punch bags catering for every need. So which free standing punch bag is for me?

Aerobic workouts:

Century offer the Aerobic wavemaster punch bag or Cardio Wavemaster free standing punch bag. This Punchbag made from high-density foam with nylon cover this bag is 170lbs when filled. Perfect for the light home workout.

Hard workouts:

Century offer the original Wavemaster free standing punch bags for serious workouts, the wavemaster weighs in at 170lbs filled with 4 height selections. The Powerline Wavemaster offers twice as much high impact foam than the original wavemaster and weighs a 270lbs when filled! The Wavemaster XXL (175cm tall 45cm diameter) is the ultimate in punching and kicking designed for the serious martial artist. You should also take a look at the new and improved 2XL punch bag.

Light workout:

Everlast and Macho offer an inflatable bag called the Everlast Power Tower for fun workouts, these can be found at free standing punch bags

Wavemaster Punch Bags
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Adidas Freestanding Punchingbag
US $420.70

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