Martial Arts Training Equipment

kick shieldsKick Shields

Kick Shields are used for high impact martial arts training for kicks and punches. Kick shields can be straight or curved. The kick shield curve facilitates optimal shock absorbsion by allowing strikes to be made at right angles thus increasing the surface area of the strike. Kick shields also known as thai pads are available in leather or PU. High density torso target strike pads are also available from top names such as Adidas and Top Ten.


focus mittFocus Mitts & Clapper Targets

Focus mitts like kick shields can be either straight or curved. Curved facilitating maximum surface area shock absorbsion. Jab and focus mitts are predominantly used for punching techniques and generally not recommended for kicks. There are Panda blocker targets for light speed work. Clapper targets are 'non resistance' strike pads. Whereas the kick shields are designed to absorb the force of high impact techniques the clapper target will greets you with a large 'Clap' as the technique follows through the target. The clapper target also allows striking from both sides. This is particularly useful for combinations such as left hand backfist followed by right hook then followed immediately with right hand backfist left hook in one motion. The clapper target remains stationary during combinations like these whereas smarie pads for instance would need to be re-positioned and perhaps using multiples of same.

skipping ropeSkipping Ropes

Skipping ropes aid in speed, stamina and rythm. This age old favorite martial arts training aid is available in leather or as a cord. Probably the cheapest martial arts training equipment in your bag!


jigsaw matsJigsaw Mats

Jigsaw mats interlock to form safe training areas for a multitude or sports such as martial arts. Available in various colours, thickness and finish. Tatami surface finish provides grip. Various thickness available to suit every discipline. Jigsaw mats are often bi-colour reversable so you can create different zones. All martial arts mats come with edge protectors. The are all WUMA approved and of the highest quality. Jigsaw mats are waterproof and easily wiped clean. They are hard wearing and durable. Bulk order discounts are often available with free speedy UK delivery. We also deliver to Ireland.

jigsaw matsLeg Stretchers

Leg stretchers make life easier and safer to stretch your legs. Leg stretchers negate any requirement for a martial arts training partner. Sit and watch the TV in relative comfort whilst your stretching. The leg stretching machine prevents bounce which can cause injury.  

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