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IRISH JIGSAW MATS ORDERS NOW HAVE A DEDICATED SITE - http://shop.martialartsmats.equipment

Jigsaw mats create a safe sparring training area for a variety of sports. As the name suggests the jigsaw mats fit together like a jigsaw so you can create various shapes and sizes for your training areas. The mats are available in 10, 20, 30 and 40mm to suit all different types of disciplines. Tatami mats offer increased grip which is useful for sport such as kickboxing and sport karate. The mats are all reversable so one can creae zones and different areas. Mats are easily cleaned, can be used both in door and out door. These interlocking mats are easily assembled and disassembled, you can purchase seperate mat trolleys to help transport and store the mats. All prices include VAT, Free delivery on all UK orders over GBP50, delivery can be as quick as next business day if required. Discounts are available on bulk orders, email for a quote.  

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Martial Arts Jigsaw Mats
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Play Mats for Kids
US $8.93
Jigsaw Mats - 12mm
US $10.04
Jigsaw Mat 40mm
US $35.74
Jigsaw mats 20mm Ireland
US $24.57
40mm Tatami martial arts mats
US $33.49
Jigsaw Mats - (40mm thick)
US $37.69
Jigsaw Mats - (20mm thick)
US $24.57
Jigsaw mats - 40 mm
US $35.74
Jigsaw mats - 40mm Tatami
US $35.74

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