40mm Tatami martial arts mats

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40mm 1m x 1m martial arts mats
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40mm Tatami Jigsaw Mats for Sale UK Ireland

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40mm jigsaw mats for kickboxing, martial arts, sport karate and other related disciplines. Our world famous 40mm tatami finished puzzle mats are approved by the World United Martial Arts Federation. 40mm interlocking mats are are thickest and safest martial arts mats. The Tatami finish provides superior traction. These 40mm jigsaw mats are durable and easily wiped. Shoes can be worn and they can be used outdoors. All 40mm puzzle mats are reversable blue/yellow so you can create zones for training. Mats are easily assembled and come complete with edgings. The 40mm puzzle mats are 1m * 1m in size. They are suitable for martial arts gyms, kickboxing halls, karate dojos, Yoga pilates and boxing gyms.

As recommended and approved by The World United Martial Arts Federation
The World United Martial Arts Federation
Robbie Hughes 10 x WKA World Champion
9 Times World Karate Champion Wayne Otto O.B.E.

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