What are the specifications for WAKO approved competition areas (Tatami)?

Ref: WAKO Tatami Sports General Rules Nov 2013 

Art. 6. Other equipment

Art. 6.1 Fighting area - Tatami

Competition area shall be called the tatami. In World and Continental Championships the tatami size will be

8x8 meters for seniors and juniors and 6x6 meters for cadets. In World Cups, regional and low-level championships,

the tatami can be smaller, but not smaller than 6x6 meters.

The tatami must be placed on the bare floor and must be made up of non slip interlocking mats, suitably colored.

The area for musical forms and aero kickboxing performances can be larger. The tatami must combine two

colored parts, a border (6-8 x 1 m) in one color, and the center (5-7 x 5-7 meters) in another color, so as to

warn fighters that they are coming close to the boundary.




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