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5 Thunder Dim Mak China Tour 2013 - Part #2

 by pad-up on 22 Nov 2013 |
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Leaving Wudang the group headed further south to Zhang JiaJie which is one of the most picturesque places you will ever see and the forest park with it’s huge sandstone columns was where the idea for the landscape on Pandora in the film Avatar came from. Zhang JiaJie was a lovely city and the group trained each day in the park studying Tai Chi and Dim Mak. As well as this they also met Grandmaster Li Zhi Yi to continue their studies into the Taoist Shen Wu Lin Chuan skills. Grandmaster Li was a hospitable and humble man who invited everyone to his house daily and train in his courtyard. The group gained valuable insight into the Taoist Qi cultivation exercises of the art and everyone was very energised.
The group spent 6 days training in Zhang JiaJie training and sightseeing each day. The highlight of Zhang JiaJie was travelling by cable car up Tian Men Shan (Heavens Gate Mountain) which dominates the skyline of the city. Here on the mountain the group followed the mountain path which is literally attached to the side of the rock face with a 1 mile drop. This was certainly a test for a couple of the group who had a fear of heights but everyone completed the walk. The group were then led off the beaten path to a secluded area of the mountain where he showed them the ancestral temple of the Shen Wu Lin Chuan which was destroyed during the cultural revolution. The group paid their respects again in the traditional way before completing the rest of the mountain trip by climbing the 999 steps to the top of the mountain and stand in Heavens Gate which is a huge gap in the top of the mountain that was formed by a glacier. This is spectacular and has to be seen to be believed.
After the 6 days in Zhang JiaJie the group headed to Xiangtan where they were greeted by the local Police and Miliaryleaders who asked them to demonstrate there skills in the 1st Xiangtan (Hunan) International Martial Arts Exchange. The group agreed and gave a performance of a lifetime and to their surprise the demonstration was actually being televised on 5 tv stations going out to over 1 Billion people. This was an amazing honour to be able to show their skills to the world.

The group had an epic trip of a lifetime with so many new experiences and having met many new friends for life. Both Sifu Steven Burton and Master Liming Yue were thanked by the group for hosting such an amazing trip that was non stop excitement all the way and will infact be repeated in October 2015.

One word describes the trip - AWESOME

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Tian Men Shan
Tian Men Shan


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