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October 2013

The Keysi Method – Martial Art for Batman or the Joker?!

 by pad-up on 18 Oct 2013 |
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The Keysi Fighting Method, or KFM as some call it, has been made famous by the recent Batman movies. If it’s good enough for a superhero, it’s good enough for anyone, right?! Opinions in the martial arts world are mixed, and there are also questions...

Real Fighting Tips – Avoid Going to the Ground

 by pad-up on 14 Oct 2013 |
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Grappling and groundwork techniques look great in the dojo, but you should always avoid going to the ground in a real fight. Even if you are skilled as a ground fighter, it’s a very different world on the street. Concrete roads and pavements can be...

The Black Belt Journey

 by pad-up on 03 Oct 2013 |
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  For some people, getting a black belt is their ultimate goal in taking up a martial art. For others, it’s just the start of a journey, and they may go on to earn other black belts or train to higher dan grades. A black belt is a... is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company