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April 2013

Payment Options Update

 by pad-up on 29 Apr 2013 |
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Dear Customer During the 2013 AGM the board of directors reviewed our payment methods. The key highlights of our discussion were as follows; 1. Over the past year we have seen a rise in fraudulent attempts through some of our payment methods. 2. Wh...

Possible Outcomes of a UFC Match

 by pad-up on 26 Apr 2013 |
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Possible Outcomes of a UFC Match When you look at it there are only three outcomes of a UFC match: win, lose or draw. However, how one reaches such a decision deserves a lot of attention. There are many ways in which a UFC match may end. All the p...

MMA: The Effects On Health

 by pad-up on 19 Apr 2013 |
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MMA: The Effects On Health The sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has exploded in popularity over the past several years. An increase in MMA television coverage has made the public more aware of this sport. MMA is relatively new, so there are few s...

What Is Aikido – The Myths and The Truth

 by pad-up on 15 Apr 2013 |
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What Is Aikido – The Myths and The Truth Aikido is one of the most misunderstood of all martial arts. There are many ridiculous myths about the art, and even in the martial arts community there is a degree of secrecy and mystery about aikido. Alth...

Introducing the Martial arts Blog Series - Pad-Up!

 by pad-up on 09 Apr 2013 |
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What's in Store for Pad-Up's forthcoming Martial Arts and MMA Blog series? We have enlisted a number of martial arts writers to deliver real content to our martial arts community. We hope you will find the content useful and assist in your trainin... is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company