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November 2013

Dim Mak: The Manipulation of Pressure Points in Martial Arts

 by pad-up on 29 Nov 2013 |
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The so called Dim Mak ‘death touch’ is one of the great myths of the martial arts world. There is some very strong basis in reality when it comes to using pressure points in combat, but the idea that someone can kill with a light touch of their finge...

5 Thunder Dim Mak China Tour 2013 - Part #2

 by pad-up on 22 Nov 2013 |
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Leaving Wudang the group headed further south to Zhang JiaJie which is one of the most picturesque places you will ever see and the forest park with it’s huge sandstone columns was where the idea for the landscape on Pandora in the film Avatar came f...

Five Thunder Dim Mak China Tour 2013 - Part #1

 by pad-up on 13 Nov 2013 |
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2013 saw the 1st ever Dim Mak Training Tour organised by the Five Thunder Chinese Martial Arts Association and led by Sifu Steven Burton and Master Liming Yue.  People came from Ireland, UK as well as 2 people from Tahiti.  The trip started in Beijin...

Never Underestimate your Opponent

 by pad-up on 07 Nov 2013 |
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  One of the most dangerous things a martial artist can ever do is to underestimate your opponent. This applies in competitions and tournaments, but perhaps more importantly in street fights and ‘real’ situations.To expand on this idea, ... is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company