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May 2011

Martial Arts and Real World Fighting

 by pad-up on 30 May 2011 |
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Flipping through any martial arts magazine will yield a bombardment of advertisements claiming to greatly enhance one’s odds of winning a street fight. Of course, no method will work if the student doesn’t spar. Now, some may say that sparring is no...

Essential Boxing Equipment

 by pad-up on 23 May 2011 |
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Essential Boxing Training Equipment Boxing is a sport in itself, but individuals who are training in a form of martial arts also commonly practice it. There are several key items that you will need before you start practicing boxing, and I will t...

MMA - History of the Guard

 by pad-up on 23 May 2011 |
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The guard has been a position utilized in Mixed Martial Arts competitions for a very long time. Although the origins of the position are the subject of much debate, the general consensus is that what we call the guard evolved from Japanese Jujitsu ... is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company