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Does Martial Arts Training Equipment Really Benefit Your Training?

 by pad-up on 30 Aug 2013 |
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Sceptics and hard core street fighters would argue that no amount of training can prepare you for the reality of a violent confrontation. A common criticism of many martial arts is that they don’t prepare you for taking hits and the shock and disorientation that can bring. So is it worth training in martial arts at all?

There’s no doubt that someone who has had any form of martial arts training has a better chance of dealing with violence than the average guy on the street. Some basic spatial awareness, a few basic blocks and the ability to move away from and around an attacker are core skills that can help in any fight or attack. Standing in the gym pounding a punch bag for hours on end may not help in a street fight if that’s all you do, but if you combine martial arts techniques with some good equipment training there’s real value.

An inflatable punch bag is fine for some fitness training, but look for a wall mounted or hanging bag if you want to develop power. Striking a heavy bag helps to develop muscles and strengthen joints and bones. You can also use a punch bag to improve striking speed and develop combinations of punches and striking techniques. A body opponent bag (or ‘Bob’) is a fantastic tool for practising accurate strikes to vulnerable points like the neck, nose and throat. Hitting something which actually looks like a person can be a game changer for some people, and it makes you think much more about accurate targeting.

If you bring sparring into your martial arts training, there are a few bits of gear you shouldn’t be without. A head guard is as important to a martial artist as a crash helmet is to a guy riding a motorbike. Choose a head guard that will give you the level of protection for the type of training you’ll be using it for. For example, you may need cheek protection and padding for the top of your head. Don’t go for cheap options when it comes to this type of gear, as head injuries can be fatal.

Groin guards are equally important for men and women if you’re training in a contact art. Gum shields and shin guards should also be in your kit bag. You may want to be able to move freely and experience a few knocks as part of your training, but you won’t be able to train to your full ability for long if you’re regularly taking a battering and picking up injuries.

If you’re serious about mixed martial arts training, you need head gear, ear guards and grappling gloves. Some MMA practitioners argue that protective gear can be restrictive, but

you won’t be able to take part in competitions without it, so you may as well get used to it now. If you choose quality gear that fits properly, it shouldn’t inhibit your training.

If you train in a grappling art or martial art where throwing techniques are used, you should also look at jigsaw mats or some other floor protection. Knees can take a real pounding if you don’t use some padding on the floor, and the risk of injury is high if you train on a hard surface


Paul Lanigan - Comment
Paul Lanigan28 Nov 2013Reply
Where can I buy a punch bag in ireland... I dont want to pay the shipping costs

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