Jigsaw - Puzzle - Interlocking Martial Arts Mats

Jigsaw Mats
Also known as Puzzle Mats and Interlocking Grappling Mats.

Jigsaw mats for safe sparring and grappling conditions. Jigsaw safe floor matting is designed for Karate, kick boxing, tae kwon do, judo, mixed martial arts and fitness aerobics.

These Sport Mats are interlockable to prevent slipping. The Gym Mats are made from high impact foam to prevent injury. Our Martial arts mats are available in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm. Some Jigsaw mats are reversable, alternating between two colours. Reversable sports mats can be used to create seperate martial arts training areas. Jigsaw mats are firm floor sports mats for use primarily as gym mats or martial arts training. They are easy to clean and resistant to cuts and tears. Jigsaw martial arts mats can be interlocked and layed on all surfaces. Interlocking sports mats fit together just like a jigsaw puzzle, allowing you to cover all shapes of martial arts or wresting gyms. These interlocking jigsaw mats are portable and easily transported to martial arts competitions or training grounds. If your shopping online for jigsaw mats or any type of martial arts mats and can't see what your shopping for email pad-up martial arts shop and well do our upmost to supply your jigsaw mats.Buy quality martial art mats for your martial arts school or for making a home dojo in your garage.


When it comes to the essentials of a dojo, be it at home or an official business; considering your training materials can be tricky, and for some even stressful. Here, is a list of benefits of puzzle martial art mats.Positive Points about Martial Arts puzzle mats:

• Interlocking Mats are easier to replace if damaged than large conventional sports mats. You can buy one piece instead of an entirely new school sized mat.

• When done properly, foam mats are very easy to clean and dry quickly.

• Eva foam sport mats hold the possibility for a “custom cut” for fitting difficult corners or areas.

• Falls are often experienced as “harder” than on many conventional mats; pushing martial artist enthusiast to focus on proper falling and rolling techniques.

• Jigsaw mats are easy to pick up and store away in case of multi-usage of space.

• Interlockng Puzzle Mats can be easily removed in sections.

• Having to remember certain patterns for the laying of martial art mats is not necessary to prevent mats from moving.

• Martial Arts Mats are firmly “puzzled” together to hinder moving apart during training.

• Connected puzzle mats are easy to move “as one” when combined into one big mat.

• Jigsaw Puzzle Mats are easy to take apart, lift, and transport if needed elsewhere.

• Our Martial Art Mats can be used indoors and out. A quick solution for protection over concrete.

• Foam sport mats can be very cost efficient in relation to some other types of martial arts mats.

• If one side is stained, scratched or damaged, the foam puzzle mat can be flipped / turned over for further use of the other side.

• Foam martial art mats can be less slippery when surface is wet from sweat, when compared to many other surfaces.

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