Dim Mak: Pressure Point Manipulation for Self Defense

Dim mak: Death Touch pressure point manipulation for self defense
Learn the marvellously effective self defence combat skill of Dim Mak. Often known as the 'Death Touch' or 'Dian Xue' Dim Mak has been made famous by movies such as Kill Bill. This devistating skill was previously only passed down by the masters to trusted and select students. The ancient art involves manipulating pressure points that correspond to accupressure points on the body.

This skill is accompanied by Traditional Chinese Herbal Remidies that counter some of the effects of Dim Mak strikes. 

Zhang San Feng a Taoist at Wu Dang Shan Temple reverse engineered the medicine of the day; Accupuncture! and gave birth to Dim Mak. There are 361 pressure points on the body of which 108 are used in Dim Mak and can cause an array of discomfort. The points need to be hit with the correct force, pressure, angle and correct sequence to produce the desired effect.

The instructional Dim Mak DVDs in this section are written by Dim Mak master Shifu Steven Burton of 5 Thunder Martial Arts Association. The art is taught in a safe and controlled manner with the emphasis on self defence. Steven teaches Dim Mak to the UK Police force and more recently following our China Tour to the Chinese Police!

The forthcoming instructor courses teach you all about the meridans and Five elements/Phases therory and cycles. 

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Dim Mak Instructional DVDs
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Dim Mak Secrets by Steven Burton
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