Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation for Effective Street Combat - Beginner Level

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Defend youself with Shaolin Kung Fu! Self defence techniques that work.
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Within this DVD you will learn techniques and concepts of Shaolin Kung Fu which go from basic blocks to effective combative applications.

These techniques are suitable for beginners and will teach you real tried and tested combat applications for street self defence.

Sifu Steven Burton takes you through a large array of methods and concepts to teach and improve your combat skills. The methods are taken from Southern Shaolin Kung Fu and utilise rapid hand movements and close quarters skills to engulf the attacker and end the confrontation quickly.

These methods are direct and are highly effective and are designed to end a confrontation very quickly. By studying the dvd content you will very quickly be able to learn these devastating skills and improve your understanding and abilities. is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company