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Hanging or Free Standing Punch Bags?

Punch bags also known as punching bags should be fixed to a secure point such as a joist using a punch bag bracket. Often this is not possible, in which case consider a heavy punch bag stand. Hanging punch bags, punch bag stands and punch bag brackets are all available from pad-up. Century free standing punch bags are world leaders. These water or sand filled free standing punch bags can be packed away easily and do not need fixing. Century Wavemaster free standing punch bags are very stable and for extra stability for you very big hitters you may want to consider a non-slip base. Check out the free standing punch bags category for more information.


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Punch Bag tips - Leather punch bags vs. Synthetic & Canvas Punch bags

Punch bags made from synthetic materials are improving in quality. They don’t require as much care as genuine leather that requires moisturizing to prevent cracking. Punch bags made from pvc or imitation leather typically have fewer seams as casing can be cut to order. Leather can only be cut a specific size, and for larger punch bags, more pieces have to be sewn together, resulting in more seams where tears normally occur. Ensure seams are reinforced at least three times with a sturdy material. This will prolong the life of the bag substantially. Despite of the fact that leather punch bags are the most expensive most people prefer leather punching bags. Leather punchbags have a nice feel to them and are considered the most durable. Canvas punch bagas are the cheapest, but make sure to wear protection because it is way more unforgiving to the knuckles than the other materials. Filling of the Punch Bag Punchbags can be filled with all sorts of things, including rubber bits, cloth and other fiber. In the middle of the punch bag there may be sand to add weight. If this is the case, be aware that after prolonged use, the casing the sand is in can break. This means that the sand will eventually settle to the bottom of the punch bag, warping its shape and making it rock hard on the bottom. The top of the punch bag should provide places to attach hooks or chains for suspension from a punch bag bracket. Ensure that these areas are adequately reinforced as they will be subjected to a substantial amount of stress. Pad-up recommend century PUNCH BAGS.

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