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Martial Arts Mats Density

 by pad-up on 13 Feb 2016 |
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What is martial arts mats density? The density of martial arts mats is measured in kg/cbm which is the amount of EVA {the material the mat is made from} that can be packed into a cubmic meter i.e. 1m x 1m. We offer 80kg/cbm which is quite light and s...

The most essential martial arts training gear is?

 by pad-up on 04 Apr 2014 |
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Purists might argue that you don’t really need equipment for martial arts training, but most people see the need for and value of some gear. Depending on the art you practise, training gear may be essential. The following are some of the most pop...

Dim Mak: The Manipulation of Pressure Points in Martial Arts

 by pad-up on 29 Nov 2013 |
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The so called Dim Mak ‘death touch’ is one of the great myths of the martial arts world. There is some very strong basis in reality when it comes to using pressure points in combat, but the idea that someone can kill with a light touch of their finge...

5 Thunder Dim Mak China Tour 2013 - Part #2

 by pad-up on 22 Nov 2013 |
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Leaving Wudang the group headed further south to Zhang JiaJie which is one of the most picturesque places you will ever see and the forest park with it’s huge sandstone columns was where the idea for the landscape on Pandora in the film Avatar came f...

Five Thunder Dim Mak China Tour 2013 - Part #1

 by pad-up on 13 Nov 2013 |
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2013 saw the 1st ever Dim Mak Training Tour organised by the Five Thunder Chinese Martial Arts Association and led by Sifu Steven Burton and Master Liming Yue.  People came from Ireland, UK as well as 2 people from Tahiti.  The trip started in Beijin...

Never Underestimate your Opponent

 by pad-up on 07 Nov 2013 |
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  One of the most dangerous things a martial artist can ever do is to underestimate your opponent. This applies in competitions and tournaments, but perhaps more importantly in street fights and ‘real’ situations.To expand on this idea, ...

The Keysi Method – Martial Art for Batman or the Joker?!

 by pad-up on 18 Oct 2013 |
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The Keysi Fighting Method, or KFM as some call it, has been made famous by the recent Batman movies. If it’s good enough for a superhero, it’s good enough for anyone, right?! Opinions in the martial arts world are mixed, and there are also questions...

Real Fighting Tips – Avoid Going to the Ground

 by pad-up on 14 Oct 2013 |
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Grappling and groundwork techniques look great in the dojo, but you should always avoid going to the ground in a real fight. Even if you are skilled as a ground fighter, it’s a very different world on the street. Concrete roads and pavements can be...

The Black Belt Journey

 by pad-up on 03 Oct 2013 |
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  For some people, getting a black belt is their ultimate goal in taking up a martial art. For others, it’s just the start of a journey, and they may go on to earn other black belts or train to higher dan grades. A black belt is a...

Does Martial Arts Training Equipment Really Benefit Your Training?

 by pad-up on 30 Aug 2013 |
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Sceptics and hard core street fighters would argue that no amount of training can prepare you for the reality of a violent confrontation. A common criticism of many martial arts is that they don’t prepare you for taking hits and the shock and disorie... is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company