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February 2011

Why Pad-Up Martial Art Supplies?

 by pad-up on 28 Feb 2011 |
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Why Pad-up for Martial Arts Supplies and Training Equipment   If you are interested in martial arts training and practice, then it is important that you have the appropriate martial arts equipment that would help you learn and master the...

How to choose the best Martial Arts Equipment

 by pad-up on 28 Feb 2011 |
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How to choose the best Martial Arts Equipment   With martial arts gaining popularity, need for boxing and martial arts equipments like jigsaw mats, punch bags, sparring gears, martial arts weapons and dresses are high in the priority...

Tatami Puzzle mats - Martial Arts Jigsaw Mats

 by pad-up on 18 Feb 2011 |
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Tatami martial arts mats- Japanese martial arts mats for judo   In Japanese culture, Tatami mats are used as flooring surfaces that are used for religious rites and the tea ceremony. These days, you will find the use of these mats for train...

Interlocking Mats for Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo Sparring.

 by pad-up on 11 Feb 2011 |
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Interlocking Martial Arts Mats for judo, karate & Taekwondo Training   Whether you want to practice your martial arts sessions at home or have a training school where students practice their moves, buying interlockin...

Martial Arts Training Shoes.

 by pad-up on 02 Feb 2011 |
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Martial Arts shoes for Women and Kids   To make the most of your martial art classes, you should choose the right martial art equipment and supplies. When it comes to picking martial art shoes, you should remember that one size doesn’t fit ... is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company