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Tatami Puzzle mats - Martial Arts Jigsaw Mats

 by pad-up on 18 Feb 2011 |
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Tatami martial arts mats- Japanese martial arts mats for judo

In Japanese culture, Tatami mats are used as flooring surfaces that are used for religious rites and the tea ceremony. These days, you will find the use of these mats for training in various martial arts such as judo and the like.

If you are looking for martial arts Tatami mats in the UK and Ireland, you need not look beyond the products of Pad-Up. At
martial arts matsPad-Up, we offer you Tatami mats that are unparalleled in performance and quality in the martial arts industry today. Our mat comes in dimensions of 1m x 1m and has a thickness of 40mm. With adequate thickness for shock absorption to offering you a hard board for pivoting, stability, and fleet-footedness, our martial arts mats can be the ideal companion for your training sessions.

Our Tatami mats offer you a high performance surface where you can grip and glide without any stickiness. In case you are new to this martial arts training equipment and suffer a fall, you don’t need to worry about injuries and can return for more training the next day. Perhaps this is why our users call these martial arts mats as one of the most forgiving mats in the market place!

The Pad-Up Tatami mats offer:

* A non slip surface that’s high on quality and performance
* Enough cushioning for the impact of Judo, Aikido, Taekwondo, Hopkido and Jujistu throw
* Ideal for practicing your martial arts defensive tactics
* Perfect product for any standing, striking, or grappling martial arts
* Easy portability
* Cost-effective pricing and shipping charges as compared to the martial arts mats of the competitors
martial arts mats

Perhaps you now understand why the Tatami mats are such a vital piece of equipment in martial arts. So, learn the mat etiquette's to make the most of these Tatami mats during your martial arts training sessions


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