Dear Customer

During the 2013 AGM the board of directors reviewed our payment methods. The key highlights of our discussion were as follows;

1. Over the past year we have seen a rise in fraudulent attempts through some of our payment methods.
2. Where as Paypal verifies the customer and their address other merchant banks may not.
3. Paypal now accepts payment via credit card without a Paypal account.
4. In the rare occasion where a dispute is raised Paypal best serves our customers offering a 1st rate dispute management portal.
5. Paypal offers improved cash flow returning funds immediately to the merchant.
6. Paypal has lower transaction costs which inturn enables us to pass on lower prices to our customers.
7. Paypal does not charge for refunds, again we can pass on the savings to our customers.
8. Eliminating alternative payment methods simplifies our accounts process.
9. Eliminating alternative payment methods reduces bank fees.

For this reason we have taken the bold step to streamline our payment methods and focus soley on Paypal.

In addition as we service Ireland as well as the UK we have enabled EURO currency display for our customers outside of the UK. We hope you will find this service of benefit.

As a valued customer we appreciate your input and will of course reverse our decision if it does not suit your requirements. Please feel free to comment on the blog discussion board.

Jeff Edward
CEO Webmettle ltd