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 by pad-up on 17 May 2013 |
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Six MMA Knockouts worth Watching Again and Again

MMA equipment shopMMA fighters are loved for their implausible power and penchant to turn their rivals' lights out with a strike. This is why knockouts and heavyweights are synonymous with each another. A great number of MMA matches end via knockout leaving the loser lying on the ground and the winner standing tall.
Out of such matches given below is a list of ten knockouts that are so brilliant you’d want to watch them again and again. The list only consists of heavyweight matches, occurred within the past decade, keeping in mind the crowd reaction and the impact of the move.

1. Chris Tuchscherer vs. Mark Hunt at UFC 127 on Feb. 27th, 2011

Mark Hunt got a victory after five long years thanks to this stellar finish. In the fight’s second round, Hunt landed an uppercut to begin an impressive winning streak. The most incredible thing is Hunt’s reaction after landing the uppercut. He instantly walked away with a smile on his face knowing that the match was over.

2. Marcus Jones vs. Matt Mitrione at the Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights Finale on Dec. 5th, 2009

Although Marcus Jones entered the fight as the favorite, it was Mitrione who walked away victorious thanks to a vicious knockout. In the first few seconds of the second round, Jones moved forward only to receive a big right hand that sent him steamrolling to the ground.

3. Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos at UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos on Nov. 12th, 2011

For its debut on Fox, UFC gave away the big heavyweight fight between Velasquez and Dos Santos. The match did serve the purpose bringing in a huge audience that was left surprised with what unfolded onscreen. With only about a minute into the fight, Santos wrote the title in his name with the help of a huge right hand that ended Cain Velasquez. However, the strike required several follow up punches for the match to end.

4. Mirko Cro Cop vs. Brendan Schaub at UFC 128 on Mar. 19th, 2011

This was an acid test for Brendan Schaub who had a good few victories in his record. The man was in UFC 128’s main event with Mirko Cro Cop and sent him bouncing with the help of a massive strike. The Hyprid continued his impressive winning streak but not without a strong fight.

5. Todd Duffee vs. Alistair Overeem at Dynamite!! 2010 on Dec. 31st, 2010

Allstair Overeem makes it to the list thanks to his impressive outing against Todd Duffee. The man finished the fight at the 19 second mark with the help of a devastating hook. His opponent was left lying unconscious as Overeem celebrated his big victory.

6. Andrei Arlovski vs. Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction: Day of Reckoning on Jan. 24th, 2009

Fedor is a man who always brings something new to the table. His impressive record has gained him countless fans because they know he is capable of leaving them impressed. However, this match was looked at as an unpredictable one as Fedor’s opponent, Arlovski, is also a tough nut to crack.
The ending was shocking as Arlovski looked to have the upperhand when Fedor landed a counter hook out of nowhere sending his opponent down into the canvas.

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