Hanging Punchbags

Punch bags are available in many forms these days. We have body opponent bags, free standing punch bags with their rocker action. There are focus master punching platforms, wing chun wooden dummies and the inception of MMA has seen MMA punch dummies and cross training punching systems. However, there are still those who prefer the old fashioned time tested punch bags. Hanging Punch bags are unique in that they swing, this is the preferred action of many boxers. There are many types of punch bags, tear drop bags, fat bags, heavy bags, uppercut punch bags, angle punch bags. Punch bags can be made from cheaper viynl or the ever popular leather.

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Punch Bags
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PadMan Punching System
US $296.27
Maize Bag
US $222.20
Adidas - Upper Cut Bag
US $268.92
Adidas - Vinyl Fat Bag
US $268.92
Adidas - Leather Kick/Punch Bag
US $268.92
Leather Fat Punchbag - Adidas
US $568.61
Canvas MMA Dummy from Cimac
US $244.99
Adidas - Vinyl Kick/Punch Bag
US $176.62
Adidas - Tear Drop Bag
US $214.23
Adidas - Training Target Bag
US $237.02

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