Venum MMA Fight Shorts

How are MMA fight shorts different from Beach shorts?

  • Durability. Your going to be fighting, pulling and throwing our opponent around. Fancy having the shorts ripped from your butt? Venum MMA fight shorts are double stiched and hard wearing designed for full contact grappling.
  • Friction. Venum MMA fight shorts cover the knee and reduce friction, your goingt to be spending a lot of time on our knees and being dragged along on your butt so you dont want friction.
  • Zips and pockets. Most shorts have zips and pockets... fancy getting you finger twisted off in a small pocket? Didnt think so. Fancy getting your face scraped by a sharp zip? I think you get the point. 
  • Design. Check out the many cool designs below! Stand out from the crowd.
  • Movement. You'll be kicking guys to the head and being stretched into all sorts of positions. Venum MMA fight shorts come with special features such as stretch panels and split seams to facilitate this type of movement.
  • Sweat! The last thing you want is to be rolling around all sweaty.. Venum MMA fight shorts are made from light weight quick drying material.
Venum MMA Fight Shorts Feature;

- Four-way crotch panel
- 100% High Quality Microfiber (polyester)
- One-way horizontal and vertical velcro enclosure with external drawstring for a smooth fit
- Ultra lightweight
- Reinforced split outer leg seams for unrestricted movement


XS (29-30" Waist)
Small (31-32" Waist)
Medium (33" Waist)
Large (34-35" Waist)
Extra Large (36-37" Waist)

So buy your low price Venum MMA Fight Shorts and stand out from the crowd!
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