Jigsaw mats 20mm Ireland

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Minimum order quantity of 40 mats. 20mm Jigsaw Mats for Sale Ireland Low Price and Free Delivery Ireland on all orders of 25+ mats
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20mm Jigsaw Mats for Sale Ireland

Our 20mm Jigsaw mats are used in various applications including but not limited to; Yoga, Combat training, boxing, martial arts, safe flooring for kids play areas. The 20mm puzzle interlocking jigsaw mats include VAT and shipping is FREE on all orders over £50. Our entry level 20mm Martial Arts Mats are for sale in Ireland. Delivery is typically 2 working days in the UK and 5 Days for Ireland. Our mats are reversable which means you can create zones for your area. Mats come complete with edging at no extra charge. All our mats are approved to the highest quality. The 20mm puzzle mats are made from EVA solid foam. 20mm Jigsaw mats are easy to assemble in minutes. Our 20mm Jigsaw mats are both waterproof and wipeable so they can be used outside and bear outdoor shoes.


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