T-Sport 6' Fitness Freestanding Bag - Scoring

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T-Sport 6' Fitness Freestanding Bag - Scoring
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Product Description
  • Commercial Strength.
  • 6' tall with nearly 20 sq. ft. of striking surface area.
  • An expanded target zone (16 1/4" diameter) allows for kicks and punches at varying heights.
  • Low profile base allows for low kicks.
  • Easy to fill and empty - water or sand.
  • Approx. weight with water - 249lbs. Approx. weight with sand - 300lbs.
  • Completely portable.
  • The cover is an 18oz rip stop control nylon fabric.
  • Revolutionary SDS Stress Distribution System which protects against cracks and leaks.
  • 10 Scoring Zones representing key body target points

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