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Most Effective Exercises for MMA

 by pad-up on 25 Jul 2013 |
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MMA Training ExercisesMost Effective Exercises for MMA


Here are some tips for aspiring MMA fighters

Schedule recovery first. Recovery is priority number one. Always build your schedule around it, not training.
Clean up the diet. Everyone thinks they eat better than they really do. Peri-workout nutrition is top priority.
Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Humans are the only species that get up when they aren't supposed to and go to bed when they aren't supposed to. You can't perform if you're tired.
Drink a gallon of water a day. You hear this a hundred times a day, but how many actually do it? Double your water intake and you'll feel better, perform better, and get leaner.
Add strength training into the program. Circuit training is useless if you're weak. You must develop strength first.
• Sprint three to four days a week. Sprints not only lean you out, they build significant hamstring mass and power. Plus, look at sprinters — who wouldn't want to look like those guys?
Fit circuits in only around the other MMA training. With circuits, a little goes a long way. As the technical demands of MMA training go up, things like circuits need to be scaled back.
The Heavy Stuff — Weight training exercises every MMA fighter and average dude should be doing and why.
Deadlifts: These could be the best exercise going, and definitely the most misunderstood. For fighters and weekend warriors alike, it's extremely functional. What's more functional than picking up a heavy object — like a gassed opponent?
Single-arm farmer's walks: Most sports are unilateral. This exercise transfers well to the kicks and takedowns exhibited in MMA.
One-arm dumbbell row: Vertical pulls like chin-ups are important, but for MMA, the horizontal pull is crucial. You need to pull your opponent towards you to control him.
 • Floor press: This is an exercise that's crucial for MMA. If you're on your back, you need good pushing power to get an opponent off you and pass guard.
Jump squats: Great exercise for developing lower body power. Sets of six reps are ideal.
Hamstring curl or glute-ham raise: To control an opponent, you have to be able to recruit the hamstring by flexing at the knee. Hip extension movements like deadlift variations are not sufficient.
Sit ups: Trading spinal flexion for anti-rotation and plank variations is the trendy thing to do, but most submissions in MMA require some degree of spinal flexion. It's a mistake for fighters to leave them out completely.
Neck harness: The neck is the pillar of the body, but nobody trains the neck at all these days. The top guys all have extremely strong necks; to compete with the big boys, neck training is essential.


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