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Visually pleasing and painful submissions are often difficult to pull off. Many MMA submissions are executed only by top-tier submission fighters who have nailed the techniques. Submission prodigies like Frank Mir, Shinya Aoki and Nick Diaz have developed the right techniques to nail some of the most deadly submissions.
Given below is a list of some such submissions that almost always get the job done; however, we hardly get to see them mainly because they are quite difficult to get them right.

Ninja Choke

A ninja choke is a modified version of the guillotine made famous by Dan Miller who used it at UFC 118 on John Salter.
A sloppy shot left Salter’s neck exposed and gave Miller the opportunity to get the choke by putting his right bicep under his opponent’s throat. Once locked, there was nothing that Salter could do and he had to ultimately tap out.
Only seasoned submission experts have the prudence to lock up this choke, which has been described by a frontal rear-naked choke Joe Rogan.

Flying Triangle Choke

The flying triangle choke is not that rare in MMA anymore, but we still can’t get enough of it mainly because of the impact it has. Pablo Garza’s choke at UFC 129 is still remembered by fans for many reasons. It didn’t look like he would be able to pull it off but in the end he did leave Yves Jabouin defeated in an extravagant fashion.
The move won Garza a $129,000 bonus and was awarded the "Submission of the Night" title.

Von Flue Choke

Named after its creator, Jason Von Flue, this submission move debuted during an episode of The Ultimate Fighter Season 2. This is essentially a variation of the famous arm triangle choke but looks more aesthetically appealing and painful.
Flue made this move official when he used it on Alexis Karalexis leaving him unconscious in the UFC Ultimate Fight Night 3. The submission is not exclusive to Jason Von Flue but has been used by other fighters as well including Brent Weedman who used it to defeat J.J. Ambrose at Bellator 62.

Peruvian Necktie

Peruvian necktie is one of the most risky submissions, which is one of the main reasons why it is rarely seen. Pat Curran’s Peruvian necktie on D’arce at Bellator 46 is one of the most impressive executions of the move.
The move originally coined by Nova Uniao black belt Tony DeSouza is the kind that guarantees victory once locked in. However, locking it in is the most difficult task.

Reverse Calf Slicer

UFC’s first ever reverse calf slicer was locked by Charles Oliveira, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, at UFC on Fox 2. This maneuver is rarely seen in MMA mainly due to the complexities involved in it.
Oliveira with his attempt illustrated a huge example of how jiu-jitsu can lead to a fascinating finish.
In addition to these there are several other submission moves that are awe inspiring. Add your favorite to the list by letting us know.



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