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 by pad-up on 13 Nov 2012 |
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Martial Art Punch Bags - Punching Bag Exercises

In addition to a self defense tactic, martial arts have now become a very popular way to stay fit. People who want to tone up their body and have a confident persona often take up martial arts. Many have found that even working out with martial arts equipment is beneficial for their overall health. Martial art punch bags are among such equipments, which you can get at reputed martial arts shop like Pad-Up. Like other parts of the world, people of the UK and Ireland are also embracing this form of workout with a lot of enthusiasm these days.
Many fitness experts are in favor of using punching bags to make their body stronger and more agile. They never get tired of citing the various benefits that punching bag exercises give. One of the plus points of working with martial art punching bags or any other punching bags is that it gives a good cardiovascular exercise to the person.
For good cardiovascular workout, you should throw straight jabs at the bag for at least one minute. Make sure that your punches are fast enough in order to reap the utmost benefit of the workout. Repeat the jabs next while moving all around the bag. In between these two kinds of exercises with the punch bags, take some rest. It is good if you can rest for at least a minute. While using a punching bag, you should consider it as your opponent. You should punch it as hard as you could and try to dodge the bags when they are in reverse motion.
You should not hold anything back while doing workouts with these bags. Go after the bag with all the combinations of punches that you know. Try jabs, upper cuts and cross jabs. In martial arts, you also have the leeway of using kicks. Apart from punches and kicks, you may even try rolling down as a defensive reaction.
Make sure that the punching bag ishung from a reasonable height. This will help you to hit your punches with more effectiveness. Make sure that the bag is tied well. You can also ask someone to hold the bag for you while you punch during the initial stages of your workout. But this definitely should not substitute working out with the bag alone.
There are various kinds of punch bags available in the market. Some of them are heavier than the others. You can also do strength training with the help of this kind of martial arts training equipment. You should hit jabs and crosses while jumping around the bag. These practice sessions should be at least three minutes long.
Fitness enthusiasts can also mix their training routines and use both cardiovascular and strength training methods. Such sessions will give their bodies enough energy and strength. Do exercises with the help of these punching bags and soon you will see the benefit.
Punching bags really make your workout a complete one. You can visit any martial arts shop like that of Pad-Up, and browse through the wide range of punch bags that are on offer. So, whether you are looking for Wavemaster Punch Bags, Inflatable punch bags, Free Standing Punch Targets or something else, you will find them all under one roof at Pad-Up. You can even shop for bag gloves and wraps, Punch Bag Frames and Brackets, Wall Pads etc, all of which are made of high quality materials and yet don’t cost you a fortune.
If you are looking for punch bags to train your kids, Pad-Up can help with its extensive range of martial arts training equipment suitable for kids. You may even buy martial arts shoes Jigsaw Mats to go along with the punching bags, making you feel all set for your training sessions.
Remember - before any investments that you intend to make, try to have a clear understanding of your needs. Also, have an overview of your budgetary constraints and then shop for the products accordingly.


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