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Multiple Attacker Defence

 by pad-up on 05 Nov 2012 |
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When you are trying to defend yourself against multiple attacks, you are going to need a sharp mind, quick reflexes, and some good moves. If you’re going to really spar with someone or even two people you always want to keep the attackers in front of you. Don’t let them get to either side because as far as a fighter is concerned that is your soft underbelly especially if there are two of them. 
When you’re sparring and really taking the beating to them, you need to do a mental check of where your opponent is, where they are headed, and what type of defense or attack you’re going to do. For instance, if they are throwing a round house, it is a quick and powerful move so you have to be ready to put your arm up and be ready for that. In the heat of sparring it is very easy to get tired and lower you arms and that is the time when you are going to get hit, and hit hard.
Fighting two people at once is a daunting task because your attention is divided between two attackers. You would want to immobilize one of the attackers as fast as possible. You can do this by quickly concentrating on only one of them while taking a mental note exactly where the other attacker is. You could also use one attacker’s body as a shield against the second attacker’s advance. That is exactly what you have to do, you have to get your opponents to get in each others way because fighting two people at once is no joke and you have to take into account is that
The content for this is from my own experience as a black belt candidate in 1998 in a Tae Kwon Do final black belt test and one of the final tests was to fight two people at once and it is very memorable. I had a very skinny, fast, and nimble back belt that was a mentor fight alongside a big weightlifter that was massive and slow but very powerful in his swings and kicks. They were experienced fighters and knew how to work in unison to try and break my concentration on fighting both of them. The skinny one kept trying to get around me to my backside so he could assault me from there and the bulky fighter was just hammering me from my frontal view because he was the one trying to distract me while his partner tried to sneak around. The big attacker did a regular side kick while I was in the act of punching him and his foot slid off of my hand pads and caught my thumb and bent it backward a little. It was pulled back and a ligament was stretched just a little bit more than it should have been. It was sore the next day.
The only way that I could truly compete with these guys was to back away in kind of a figure eight while they followed me and kept putting on the assault. The fight was pretty intense and I have to admit that it was just one of those times you do your best to just get through it. I have to admit that after two and half minutes of the intense sparring I had defended myself against these two adversaries and had proven that I had what it took to become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
So if you ever find yourself in a fight with two people against you at the same time or even if it is a friendly sparring match hopefully you will take into account that it is something that takes a lot of concentration and physical prowess to really come out on top and defeat your opponent.
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