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Wavemaster Freestanding bag, punchbag, speedball?

 by pad-up on 23 Nov 2011 |
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Wavemaster Freestanding bag, punchbag, speedball?

Standing Bags or hanging bags?

Hanging bagsrequire fixing your bag bracket into a secure point such as a joist. If this is not possible consider a heavy bag stand.

The Century freestanding punchbag range is a popular choice, and can be packed away easily. Century Wavemaster is regarded by many as the market leader in freestanding punchbags. The base can be filled with either sand or water. Century Wavemaster freestanding punch bags are very stable, if you are a very big hitter and your placing your bag on a smooth surface you may want to consider a non-slip base.

Hand wraps and Bag gloves.

Punching, especially on heavy bags can be hard on the knuckles and wrists. Bag gloves are often used to protect the hands while hand wraps add strength to the wrists.

Which Wavemaster?

Light workout: Everlast offer an inflatable bag called the Everlast Power Tower for fun workouts
Aerobic workouts: Century offer the Aerobic Wavemaster. Bag made from high-density foam with nylon cover this bag is 170lbs when filled. Perfect for the home workout.
Hard workouts: Century offer the original Wavemaster for serious workouts, the wavemaster weighs in at 170lbs filled with 4 height selections. The Powerline Wavemaster offers twice as much high impact foam than the original wavemaster and weighs a 270lbs when filled! The Wavemaster XXL (175cm tall 45cm diameter) is the ultimate in punching and kicking designed for the serious martial artist.

Body Opponent Bags (BOBs)are life like punching dummies– a great partner for sparring techniques or target training. Weighs approx. 270 lbs when filled. Made from high strength plastisol for durability, inner cavity filled with durable urethane foam. Boasting six height adjustments from 6'0" to 7'8" tall. If this BOB isn’t formidable enough Century offer the BOB XL.With 6 height adjustments from 60" to 78" weighing approx. 270lb when base is filled this is the ultimate punching dummy.

Speedballs, floor ceiling balls and the VTS workout system.

If punching dummies and wavemasters are not your style there’s the VTS workout system. This innovative design provides 4 stations for holding targets in multiple positions and configurations providing the ultimate versatile workout.
Floor ceiling ballsand speedballsare great for hand eye coordination and make for a great workout.


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