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A Philosophy of the Fist The Making of “Cross Training in the Martial Arts 2: The Anatomy of Hand Strikes” - Part 7

 by pad-up on 21 Jun 2011 |
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A Philosophy of the Fist The Making of “Cross Training in the Martial Arts 2: The Anatomy of Hand Strikes”

On the second day I was introduced to Louise Musgrove, a TV producer who has been brought on board as Summersdale continues with its big push to television. Lou knew of me through my father, as the production company she had worked for had booked my parents’ animal company out for six years running on a children’s TV series. She turned out to be an excellent coach for me, helping me get through all narration, as I tackled one of the most notoriously difficult areas of presenting: talking and walking at the same time! Okay, it doesn’t sound that hard, but for some reason when it comes to talking “down the bottle” to that bit of black plastic the most colourful of “live” characters can become as charismatic as a darlek! Nevertheless I learnt a huge amount in the relatively short amount of time I spent under Lou’s guidance. The day was finished with work on all the voiceovers for the various different scenes.
On the 7th May Seni 2006 hit the NEC. This was the ideal opportunity to preview the new DVD and when one considers how smoothly all the different stages had gone, British pessimism seemed to dictate that we might be heading for a Burton on that day. Such negative thoughts were quashed pretty much early on. Cross Training 2 enjoyed a very popular premier with various different members of the martial arts community watching it at the Summersdale stall and many customers snapping up copies of this special preview edition. Best of all, the whole weekend saw many of Summersdale instructors meet up again.
Tony Somers once told me that fifty-five per cent of communication is body language. The hands are one of our most expressive tools. The closed fist represents the tight coming together of the hand, a solid unification of all the unique digits, often employed to express a powerful and defining message, be it physical or political. I think it provides a pretty accurate metaphor for the intentions of “The Anatomy of Hand Strikes”. The DVD and the martial arts are the common base, individually we have our own independent goals, but united we drive forward to punch a hole through the barriers that separate martial arts students from commonsense. 


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