Venum MMA Adult Sparring Gloves

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Venum MMA Adult Sparring Gloves
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Product Description

The MMA Venum Impact Gloves are hand-Made in Thailand. As a MMA gear reference. Venum could not go wrong on this product. The main aim of the infamous Snake logo brand is to offer comfort and ergonomics as well as a long-lasting lifetime to the Impact Gloves. With no flourish and no gimmicks. Venum signs a top notch product. The Snakes high quality policy puts these gloves on the highest step of the podium. without any contest.


Technical characteristics:

•High Quality Skintex leather
•High density thread for needle works Layered Foam for better protection and shock absorption
•Top notch comfort feel
•High wrist maintaining thanks to an adjustable strap
• Exclusive Velcro strap system for hand pre-positioning
•Skintex leather embossed tags
•Classy design Perfect finish
•Available in M/L or L/XL is owned by Webmettle ltd and Irish Registered company