Hayabusa Pro Training Series Kick Shield

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Hayabusa Pro Training Series Kick Shield
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Product Description

When it comes to absorbing heavy leg and body kicks, look no further than the Hayabusa Pro Training Series Kick Shield.

  • A highly resilient inner core that absorbs punishment while maintaining feel for judging technique
  • Three grips on the back to to use in a variety of ways + 1 suitcase grip on top
  • Gray suede hand channel for comfort and reduced slippage
  • Curved three panel front to collect kicks better
  • Heavy reinforced ergonomic handles

Striking area dimensions: 17.5" wide x 21" long

The best coaches and trainers use the best equipment. The Hayabusa Pro Training Series™ is the pinnacle of trainers gear. The Pro Training Series™ was developed to be the first and only state of the art professional line of performance striking pads tailored specifically to maximize striking technique, power and speed. Due to their technical nature, this is the most specialized line of training equipment ever created and will push your striking performance to new heights. Be sure to order the complete set.

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