45mm Jigsaw mats

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45mm 1m square jigsaw mats, our thickest and safest mat!
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These mats are classed as manufacturing reject as they were suppose to arrive as 40mm but are in fact closer to 45mm thick
Also the edging that come with the mats are not as straight as they are suppose to be and the red is lighter than expected
This of course does not effect the use of the mats but if at anytime you wish to expand you floor area with mats we will not be able to help as when this shipment has gone we will not get anymore
If you have a set area then this is a real bargain not to be missed but be quick as they are selling fast
Martial Arts Studios
Boxing Gyms
Combat Training
Yoga and Pilates
YMCA Multipurpose Rooms
Indoor Kids Facilities & Playgrounds
Basement Flooring ect....
Red on one side and Blue on the reverse - One solid piece of EVA Foam
Easy to Assemble
Truly Reversible
Double Sided - Double Colour
Border Strips Included
Water Proof
Tough Top Surface
Shoes & Boots are OK
Durable EVA High Density  Foam
Expand Your Floor as Needed

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