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Sparring gear kits for Kickboxing are a collection of martial arts Sparring Gear needed for martial arts training in clubs or in the freestyle kickboxing competition arena. Open handed gloves or boxing gloves, Kick Boxing foot pads and martial arts shin guards are standard with head guards included in the more extensive ranges.

Protective - Sparring Gear

In addition to the uniforms, you may also be required to purchase protective sparring gear for training and sparring. At the very least, most schools and instructors require that students wear mouth guards when sparring, and may require that students wear head protectors, chest guards, shin guards, athletic protectors and wrist/hand guards. The uniforms in some forms of martial arts is designed to offer protection, but it?s not a standard rule. As with uniforms, check with the school or instructor to find out what sort of protective martial arts equipment you'll need. 

Sparring Gear - Safety

Sparring Gear such as the Warrior Combat Kit or other Sparring Gear in the form of kits from Century such as the Rival or Dyna ranges are recommended by Pad-Up. Top Ten have an excellent range of sparring gear. To get started in Semi or light contact sparring one would need a sparring kit comprising of; warrior shin guards, warrior kicks, warrior head guard, warrior punches (closed finger punches for European tournaments). Shock Doctor Gums Shields such as the shock doctor double and not forgetting the macho groin guard are also essential sparring gear. If your going for heavy contact the Top Ten Boxing Gloves, Top Ten Head Guard and Top Ten Groin Guard is preferred along with the Shock Doctor Double Gum Shield and some hand wraps to strengthen the wrists is of paramount importance when sparring.

If your looking for Boxing Sparring Gear then try our extensive Boxing Equipment Shop. Boxing Gloves and much more available at the Boxing section on the side nav bars. Pad-up recommend Century and Top Ten sparring gear

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