Martial Art Mat Testimonials

Rick Tew
Founder of and the College of Martial Science.

Ihave been teaching and training in the martial arts for over 20 years. Over this period, I have trained on almost every type of terrain or surface. In the last 10 years, I have come to love one type of training surface or martial art mat as the primary martial art mat for my indoor training. These mats are called, Puzzle mats and often times, Jigsaw mats. I use Puzzle Martial Art Mats for all my training camps and programs."

Duane Schor

"I like the way puzzle mats fit together. They are light so you can use them almost anywhere. They are a great alternative when you are learning to fall and all you can just throw them over asphalt.  They are much easier to install than traditional mats.&rdquo

Hugh Crane
Tuscon, Arizona

"Jigsaw Mats offer the ability to break down a training environment and condense them when not in use.  It is easy to transport Jigsaw mats. What I really like is the ability to shape them or create borders with color options. Puzzle Mats are relatively inexpensive too. Certainly nicer on the bank account than the thicker, heavier sectional mats. If you are creative, you can manipulate them to create training obstacles for your students. For instance, you could stand up sections with "cutouts" for students to dive through, roll under, etc. You can make tunnels with them for kids to go through.!"

Cédric Cobban
April 21 at 11:50pm 

"You can set interlocking puzzle mats up practically anywhere. They are lightweight compared to many other mats used in the martial arts. You can move the martial arts mats around easily and store them too. Jigsaw mats are great for other stuff too (kids can play on em). I also like that they don't get as slippery as some wrestling mats get when we sweat."

Cuauhtemoc Velasco Aznar
April 24, 2010 at 11:00am

"I like that they Puzzle Mats are affordable. You can easily assemble and disassemble them QUICKLY. If you have a space for multiple uses, you may need to store them and you can just pile them in a closet. Training on Jigsaw style martial arts mats: you avoid burns, they help you protect your joints, and they keep a stable temperature. They do not get too cold versus other mats. Overall, puzzle mats provide a space where you can become that little warrior within you. They are also easy to clean, making them practical. Like a puzzle: it is fun assembling puzzles, and you can mix the colors, according to your mood. The material: is firm but still a little soft, durable and easy to clean."
Kevin Ogden
Los Angeles, California

"I have experienced both training extensively on and off puzzle mats. I have trained in a wide variety of terrains and I have to say, I always love to come back and have the comfort that the puzzle mats provide. Its nice to be diverse in training environments, but all in all, it&rsquos very beneficial for your body to have a great training tool, such as puzzle mats to be able to train and workout on. It&rsquos nice to be able to perform certain movements and acrobats, especially when you double up the mats, to have that extra cushion and bounce to help attain more lift. These mats have assisted me in doing my flips, jump spins, and various acrobatic movements without having a trampoline etc.. to work on."

Kevin Kooistra
Washington, USA

"I got a couple years training with these puzzle mats and I am very impressed with them.  We have used them for a variety of training, ranging from sparring, grapping, rolls, gymnastics, weapons training and more.  With all these different types of training, the puzzle mats held up very well. In addition, if you are looking for a slightly softer feel, you can even double them up and create two layers."
John Fortner
Alabama, USA 

"One of the major benefits of the puzzle mats, is they are made of a durable EVA foam rubber. This makes it soft enough to absorb major impacts, such as martial arts takedowns and intense grappling sessions, but they are also hard enough to move around for a lot of stand up sparring. However, I
wouldn&rsquot recommend performing serious Judo throws on them. The matsare soft, but not that soft.
Putting them together is very easy, you just through them down, fit them together and you&rsquore good to go. The mats come with end and corner pieces so that each one can make a square. The puzzle mats are alsopretty easy to cut if you need to fit them in a specific space such asin a corner. A simple box cutter all you&rsquoll need.
Cleaning is also pretty simple, you can use just about any type of household cleaner on the mats, diluted in water, and then either mopor scrub by hand; I had to do that a time or two.Another feature for the mats is that you can get them with a different color on each side, so you can reverse them and use either side when you lay them down."

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